John Edwards – Miticides

John Edwards

John Edwards, Ruhl Bee Supply

WHEN – Wednesday, March 21st, 6:15 PM,

WHERE – OSU Agricultural Extension, 2990 Experiment Station Drive, Hood River, OR

John Edwards, Brushy Mountain Bee Farm…

Miticides designed to mitigate honey bee hive pests and diseases have evolved over the years. Today, reduced negative effects have been afforded through extensive research. Faced with hives pests and diseases the beekeeper should consider several variables (hive season, ambient temperature, and honey supers). John will provide all.

An electronics engineer by training, John Edwards lives in Oregon, and keeps apiaries on the west and east side of the Cascade Mountains. As owner of Ruhl Bee Supply, Edwards designed and manufactured innovative products such as the Vivaldi Board, the Vivaldi screen, the textured inner cover for propolis production, the ventilated English garden cover, the double-walled screened bottom board, and the Ruhl Longhive.
Edwards recently merged Ruhl Bee Supply with Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, and is now a part owner in that company. You can often find him at the Oregon Branch of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm talking about bees. Edwards has published numerous field guides on beekeeping. These guides include:

  • Longhive Beekeeping, A Practical Guide
  • Hive Inspection Basics for Northwest Beekeepers
  • Seasonal guide to Beekeeping in the Pacific Northwest>/li>
  • Honeybee Pests and Diseases
  • Treatment Options for Pests and Diseases
  • Colony Growth in the Pacific Northwest
  • Mason Bees in the Pacific Northwest