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Fascinated with bees and beekeeping

Fascinated with bees and beekeeping? Join Us!

Who the Columbia Gorge Beekeepers Association Is For

If you live within the Columbia River Gorge region, and if you’re fascinated with bees and beekeeping, then join our beekeeping association. You’re welcome whether you’re a new or advanced beekeeper, or if you’re simply interested in learning about bees and pollinators.

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Joining is easy. Just fill out our online membership form and pay by credit card No PayPal Account Needed or PayPalPayPal. Go to our membership form by clicking here:

Columbia Gorge Beekeepers Association membership form

Interested in contributing to the success of beekeeping in the Columbia Gorge area? Just fill out our online donation form and pay by credit card or PayPal. Go to donation form by clicking here:

Columbia Gorge Beekeepers Association donation form.

How Much It Costs

Membership fees are only $25.00 per calendar year for your entire family.

Membership Benefits

Your membership fees are used to bring top-quality speakers to our monthly beekeeping meetings. Funds are also used to cover the costs of certain community outreach efforts that we participate in from time-to-time.

While monthly meetings are open to the public, your membership fee allows you to vote on a range of actions that the association may be involved with.

Membership Benefits:

  • Meeting friendly and helpful beekeepers
  • Having the opportunity to discuss topics of interest to beekeepers – hobbyist, and commercial alike, as well as the general public
  • Free use of the Columbia Gorge Beekeepers Association bee equipment
  • Free use of the association’s lending library, which includes bee related videos and books
  • Priority consideration for hands-on-help with your beekeeping needs
  • Priority consideration when it comes to help with capturing a swarm
  • Group purchases (NUCs, beekeeping equipment, beekeeping supplies, etc.)
  • Participation in community events

Fees are also used to cover any operating costs such as insurance and payments we need to make in order to maintain our membership with Oregon State Beekeepers Association and our non-profit status (both State and Federal). There are no paid positions, such as officers.

We’re a community-minded group. This means there’s plenty to do if you want to be involved in a range of outreach efforts related to bees and beekeeping.

Volunteering, mentoring and getting involved translates into learning. Click Here To Let Us Know Your Interest

Bees and Beekeeping …

Join us if you’re as fascinated as we are!