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Columbia Gorge Beekeepers Association (CGBA) is passionate about helping to educate beekeepers and others about the importance of bees and other pollinators. We strive and encourage others in mentoring beekeepers, engaging in partnerships with like-minded organizations, and helping to build bridges of understanding when it comes to matters related to pollinators and sustainable practices.

Within the Gorge Region, CGBA supports the Hood River Extension Service, 4-H, Master Gardeners and Oregon Master Beekeepers Programs. Members venture into the Regions public schools in an effort to share the fascination of bees.

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John Edwards, Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Miticides designed to mitigate honey bee hive pests and diseases have evolved over the years. Today, reduced negative effects have been afforded through extensive research. Faced with hives pests and diseases the beekeeper should consider several variables (hive season, ambient temperature, and honey supers). John will provide all.

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