Harry Vanderpool

President Oregon State Beekeepers Association

WHEN – Wednesday, October 17th, 6:15 PM,

WHERE – OSU Agricultural Extension, 2990 Experiment Station Drive, Hood River, OR

Since the term was phrased in 2006, Colony Collapse Disorder brought about a sharp focus upon pollinator health. Much of the discussion has centered around pesticide use.

Unfortunately, anti-pesticide groups attempted to hijack and redirect the discussion and the battle lines began to grow.

Unhappy with the emerging conflict, Harry Vanderpool and Dr Ramesh Sagili began to appear at pesticide re-certification classes around Oregon and deliver a message of cooperation and working together between dissimilar agricultural sectors to encourage pollinator health.

As a result of The Governor’s Task Force on Pollinator Health that formed in Oregon in 2014, the Oregon Bee Project has undertaken a statewide, formal effort of Pesticide and Pollinator training and education. Harry now often appears in conjunction with the Oregon Bee Project. We will hear about proven, positive, working messaging and outcomes between farmers, growers and beekeepers in this month’s meeting.

The beekeeper and President Oregon State Beekeepers Association, Harry Vanderpool, is out in the field every day to check on them. Bees are his livelihood and passion so when I have a chance to learn about bees from him, I do!

One of the coolest things I saw was a bee being born. (Say that 5 times fast.) I even captured a video of it! It is 27 seconds and don’t take your eye off the “new bee” and listen to Harry explain what happens next.

Harry throughly looks over the hives every day to make sure the bees are doing ok and there are no problems. Since the weather has been cooler and the flowers are just beginning to bloom, he was providing some extra food to them so they do not go hungry. If a beekeeper is not due diligent a hive can die of starvation.