Dr. Dewey Caron – What’s Your Plan – Spring Summer

Date: June 20, 2018

Time: 6:15-8:30

Dr. Dewey Caron


OSU Agricultural Extension Center, Hood River, Oregon


What’s Your Plan – Spring / Summer

About Dr. Dewey Caron

Dr. Dewey Caron is Professor Emeritus, Entomology & Wildlife Ecology, University of Delaware. He is also Affiliate Professor, Horticulture Department, Oregon State University.

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An entomologist by profession, Dr. Dewey Caron is also an avid beekeeper. He dedicates his life to sharing his knowledge with other beekeepers.

  • Dr. Dewey Caron started working with honey bees as teenager in Vermont, and studied for his PhD under Roger Morse at Cornell University.
  • He is a past Chairman of the Board of the Eastern Apiculture Society and a past president of the Eastern Branch Entomological Society of America.
  • He is currently the Master Beekeeper Advisor to the Eastern Apiculture Society and advisor to the Bee Informed Partnership with which he is heavily involved.
  • In addition, Dr. Caron is a past president and current board member of the Western Apicultural Society.

Notably, Dr. Caron has been involved in International Development in Panama, Central America, and Bolivia and was active in the MAAREC (Mid-Atlantic Research and Extension Consortium). Ever the educator, he has been the recipient of a number of prestigious teaching awards.

Dr. Caron retired in 2009 but remains an active participant of state, local and regional bee meetings, and he is actively involved with the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program as an advisor and instructor. He presents over 100 talks each year about such topics as pollinating insects, bees, and natural history topics related to bees and pollinating insects.