Charlie Vanden Heuvel – Varroa Destructor Mite

Charlie Vanden Heuvel

WHEN – Wednesday, April 18th, 6:15 PM,

WHERE – OSU Agricultural Extension, 2990 Experiment Station Drive, Hood River, OR

The Varroa mite has spread to and become a major pest of honey bees since their introduction into Florida in the mid 1980’s. Not only has the pest be deliterious to the Honey Bee, but has proven an excellent vector of viruses.

Varroa mites are external parasites that attack both honey bees and brood. They suck the blood from both the adults and developing brood, especially drone brood. This weakens and shortens the bee’s life. Emerging brood may be deformed with missing legs or wings. Untreated infestations of varroa mites will increase and may kill colonies. If the colonies are not examined for mites, losses may be mistaken for winter mortality or queenlessness.

About Charlie Vanden Heuvel

Charlie Vanden Heuvel, like many arriving at a ripe old age, set foot back to a childhood experience of beekeeping. Most memorable of those times was experiencing the pollination of the Bougainvillea vines which were inside the house. The bees would hang on the outside of the screen door awaiting some human to open it for them. Once they had their fill of nectar and pollen they would again return to the inside of the screen door to once again wait for someone to allow them out. Charlie is now at the Journey Level of the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program avidly studying, mentoring beekeepers throughout the Gorge, teaching beekeeping classes and of course continuous learning.