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Super Bowl of Beekeeping

A discussion of Almond Pollination that brings the majority of Commercial Beekeepers to northern California each year will ensue. How does this annual pilgrimage affect honey bees? What effect does it have on the Backyard Beekeeper? The juxtaposition of Commercial Pollination and Agricultural Practices.

Residential Beekeeping–A New Law and Recommended Practices

WHEN: Wednesday, September 18, 2018 A new law, House Bill 2653 (2015) , Oregon Revised Statue ORS 602.03 and 602.045 mandates the preparation and distribution of residential beekeeping “Best Practices…” by and from Oregon State University (OSU). Beekeepers will be trained on those practices and local governments will …

Jen Holt

WHEN – Wednesday, August 15th, 6:15 PM, WHERE – OSU Agricultural Extension, 2990 Experiment Station Drive, Hood River, OR Jen Holt is beginning her first season as the new Program Coordinator for the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program at Oregon State University. She also works in conjunction with Dr. …