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Mentor Request – Columbia River Gorge Beekeepers

Do you live in the Columbia River Gorge region? Do you wish you had some hands-on help with your beekeeping needs? Beekeeping entails is significant learning curve of behavioral and biological issues. If so, then let us know what you need by filling out the form below.

There are three things that bring success to a new beekeeper:

  • Take a beekeeping class
  • Join your local bee club
  • Find a mentor

Please be sure to give an overview of what type of help you need and a way to contact you.

About this Beekeeping Help Service

This beekeeping help service is being offered by a number of individuals who are members of the Columbia Gorge Beekeeper’s Association. These beekeepers are willing to act as mentors and can help to steer you to resources you may need.